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With mushrooms against breast cancer

23. April 2018

Breast cancer is still the most common cancer among Slovenian women. The association Europa Donna is one of the most involved in connecting healthy women, patients, individuals and professional institutions. In order to support the association, Hofer decided that every customers that will purchase a pack of mushrooms in pink packaging in October would contribute 10 cents to raising awareness about breast cancer, since research shows that mushrooms contain useful substances that can help prevent breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women in Slovenia, where almost 1,300 women and up to 10 men become ill every year. The European association Europa Donna offers information on breast health and raises awareness for the prevention and early detection of breast cancer in women and girls. Their main goal is to provide all women with equal opportunities for early diagnosis, immediate treatment and rehabilitation. They emphasize the importance of prevention, early detection, effective treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of patients. A healthy diet, adequate physical activity, positive attitude, regular monthly self-examination of breasts and attendance of all three screening programs play an important role in this. It is the duty of every individual to take care of her own health. After all, she is the one who can do the most for herself and her health with prevention.

Research suggests that mushrooms contain useful substances that can help prevent breast cancer. Hofer decided to encourage their consumption and support Europe Donna’s efforts. Throughout October, customers across Slovenia contributed 10 cents to Europa Donna’s activities by purchasing champignons in pink packaging. The campaign was extremely successful, as they collected as much as €5,708.90.

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