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The art of beauty restoration

23. April 2018

Stomatologist dr. Ivona Igerc is one of the world’s most renowned experts in the field of rejuvenation medicine. Originally from Croatia, she is living and working in China for 12 years where she is focusing on minimally invasive aesthetic treatments and the use of stem cells. She is advocate of decent aging and admirer of nature, arts, photography, sculpture – and of human beauty. She is working with top experts in aesthetic medicine and collaborates with several clinics in Asia where she teaches doctors new techniques of injecting or using medical devices.

Dr. Ivona Igerc is a great enthusiast and a pioneer on the filed of stem cells. She emphasizes their incredible importance in all branches of medicine, including in rejuvenating medicine, which is in full swing throughout Asia. She is an expert in stem cells therapies of face rejuvenation and resculpting, and is working in the clinic of dr. Tan Kwok Leung in Singapore, who is dealing with regenerative medicine in serious illnesses such as cancer, paraplegia, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.

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