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Slovenian elementary school students learn about the interesting world of chemistry

23. April 2018

Chemicals workshop BASF Kids’ Lab Cvetka Epruvetka promotes interest in natural sciences and introduces students to an interesting world of chemistry that can change the world. Every week, BASF organises free chemical workshops for Slovenian primary schools. Schools’ interest for them is exceptional; pupils come from all over Slovenia, and since 2012 more than 4000 children have attended the workshops.

This year students from 4th to 7th grades learn about the new experiment “Clever Foodies” and discover why fruits and vegetables are colourful and healthy. The experiment encourages students to think about the substances in their everyday food, while they learn about the methods by which they can analyse them. The workshops are supervised by students from the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. “Experiments spark curiosity, thirst for knowledge and creativity among students. They are all very motivated; they ask thousands of questions. We encourage them and teach them good scientific methods and skills that can help them in other areas of life,” explains Simona Tekavec, head of supervisors at the BASF Kids’ Lab Cvetka Epruvetka, a student at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology.

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