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Kings of barbecue introduced trends of roasting on a BBQ for 2017

23. April 2018

When nice weather and pleasant temperatures start the grilling season begins. Piardigma organized media event where »Kings of Barbecue«, Miha and Nejc Pešec, presented trends for roasting on a BBQ for season 2017. Miha and Nejc Pešec, explained that in 2017, grilled baked goods were mainly directed back to nature, which shows that people are more and more aware of the healthy way of life and the importance of quality food. They also devote more time to outdoor activities, so picnics in nature were the first choice for young barbecue masters. This trend was seen also with the rise of new grills on the market that are transportable and intended for use in nature.

Every year the world of barbecue brings new knowledge, products, tastes and trends. Although there are many different ways of preparing the food, the six most recent trends presented by grilled specialists are:

  • breakfast from the barbecue
  • roasting in nature
  • rotating barbecue
  • smoking of the food
  • emphasis on the quality of the food
  • back to a caveman

And which one will you try?

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