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Subway® opened its fourth restaurant in Koper

20. June 2019

Subway®, the largest chain of restaurants in the world, introduced a new Fresh Forward restaurant design in Slovenia, that upgrades all aspects of the guests’ experience. The new design of restaurants gives guests the possibility of having different choices – from how they can order their food, how they pick it up to how they enjoy their meal. Fresh ingredients and sandwiches are still their priority, and guests can make them how they want. Subway®, which already has three restaurants in Ljubljana, has opened its first restaurant with a new style in Koper. With their proven system, they also offer an excellent business opportunity for the franchise owners.

The place where guests feel good

With the new style, Subway® offers their guests a place where they feel good. A bold visual identity, combined with an innovative interior design brings a lighter and more modern space. In the foreground is a corner with fresh vegetables, with which they want to emphasize the commitment to fresh and high-quality products while the other products, such as various salads, cookies, and bread, give the guests additional choices. Guests can also use free Wi-Fi; they can charge their mobile device on cost-free USB stations during their meal. Subway® is always looking for opportunities to offer more to their guests. Therefore, they enabled a delivery option in Ljubljana, which they want to establish in Koper in the future as well.



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