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Pizzeria trappa introduced new seasonal pizza flavors

21. March 2019

On the first day of spring pizzeria trappa introduced new seasonal pizzas and tapas flavors with spring-inspired ingredients. New pizza flavors will be available in trappa every season, while their main characteristic sourdough will remain the same. The pizzeria trappa is one of the first to use sourdough in Slovenia. The pizza is baked in a hot rotating Italian oven at 430 degrees Celsius.They place great emphasis on carefully selected and high-quality ingredients from Italian regions of Apulia and Campania. Pizza lovers can also enjoy trappa’s pizza while walking in the center of Ljubljana in the take away street version pizzeria called trappica.

Pizzeria trappa was founded by a team of like-minded people, who had great love and passion for culinary creation. In the interior design of pizzeria, special attention was paid to the overall concept. Interior takes into consideration ambiance, story, and visual identity. »In the very center of the pizzeria, we placed a super-hot pizza oven that can make 12 pizzas at once. Guests can thus always observe the chef during the preparation of pizzas. The pizza oven also has a rotating bottom, so the chef has less work with turning the pizzas,” told founders of the trappa – Urška, Luka and Nejc.

Light and balanced sourdough pizza

A distinctive feature of trappa’s pizza is the sourdough that is made with wild yeast. The specialty of the sourdough is that it has its taste, which gives their pizza a unique touch. They use their wild yeast, which they raised themselves three years ago. It is fed twice a day with a 1: 1: 1 mixture of flour and water (existing yeast: water: flour).

trappica, a street version of trappa

The pizzeria trappa also got its street version. In trappica, a smaller version, you can enjoy pizzas with sourdough and best pizza flavors. As the name suggests, trappica offers smaller pizzas and lower prices. Therefore, visiting the street version of the trappa is the perfect solution to quickly alleviate hunger in the center of Ljubljana.

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