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FIN VEČER with Željko Ćurić

7. January 2020

At the end of 2019, we organized event FIN VEČER for Fin-servis with Željko Ćurič, who spoke about emotional intelligence, as the secret ingredient of successful business relations. Željko Ćurić, a renowned expert for business psychology, highlighted why the recognition and use of our own emotions and emotions of others is an important skill. Emotional intelligence is the key to successful business cooperation and personal relationships, and emotions are the foundation of the motivation of every individual and the achievement of the our goals. Actor and TV host Bojan Emeršič served us unique humor and an irreplaceable perspective on human existence. The evening continued with Simona Krebs, the teacher of laughter yoga, who activated our creativity and taught us the techniques for thinking outside the box. The amazing atmosphere continued with live jazz-inspired music and delicious dinner.

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