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Goran Dragić announces SporTech Stars winner and renovation of basketball courts

18. June 2019

Dr. Jure Leskovec, Chief Scientist at Pinterest and Professor at Stanford University, joined Goran Dragić at #gogitalk. They highlighted the importance of technology in the sports industry. For the sixth year in a row, Goran Dragić announced a children’s basketball camp, which will be upgraded this year with a charity campaign to renovate basketball courts. The SporTech Stars Award went to the PhysicAI project, which enables the analysis and planning of sports training using artificial intelligence.

Winning Technology Solution – PhysicAI

Goran Dragić has announced the winner of the best technology solution in the field of sports within the regional project SporTech Stars. The award was given to the PhysicAI platform, developed by Filip Koprivec, Blaž Oblak and Žane Ban, for the analysis and planning of sports training using artificial intelligence. PhysicAI enables a coach, team or individual to automatically and manually monitor player training statistics, their performance, training progress. The platform is useful for team sports as well as for training individual sports (running, golf, tennis … ). The project developers are convinced that their approach to the use of artificial intelligence is the right way to connect technology and sport.

According to Goran Dragić, choosing a SporTech Stars winner was quite a challenge as the finalists were extremely well prepared and their ideas were marvelous. He emphasized: »With this project, we wanted to give an opportunity to young people that want to connect technology and sports. I look forward to seeing them in America.«

More information: www.gorandragic.si, www.sportech-stars.si


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