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Slovenia became the fourth country in the world to implement chemical workshops Teens’ Lab for high school students

18. September 2018

In following days more than 250 pupils from different high schools around Slovenia will visit chemical workshops Teens’ Lab. Using educational, entertaining and safe experiments, we wish to develop high school student interest for natural sciences and to show them the link between chemistry and everyday life. At the free workshops, pupils are conducting the experiment Substance Labyrinth while guided by students of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the University of Ljubljana, who will thus pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm to younger generations.

We prepared ten workshops that are being held in September, and they have already garnered exceptional interest. Schools have booked all available slots a few months before the start of the project. Workshops, which last one school day, follow the curriculum and allow pupils to learn about theory through practical experience.

Along Germany, USA and Spain, Slovenia became the 4th country in the world to conduct the Teens’ Lab project.

“I am proud to introduce Teens’ Lab in Slovenia. I am pleased that the schools have expressed a great interest in a project that follows the curriculum and allows students to get to know the theory through practice. At BASF, we encourage young people to get to understand science, and we want to impress them with chemistry, as such experts still lack in Europe today. With our projects, we want to show young people how fun and exciting chemistry is, and what an important role it plays in our everyday life,” stated Simon Franko, Managing Director at BASF Slovenija.

Educational, entertaining and safe experiments.

Developing high school student interest for natural sciences.

Workshops follow the curriculum.

Successful cooperation between company, faculty students and high school students.


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